Atlantis - Liquid Alkyd Painting Medium

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Atlantis - Liquid Alkyd Painting Medium

Available in 250ml, 1L and 2.5L

A quick drying Oil paint medium. Improves the flow and transparency of oil paints. Approximately halves the drying time of oil colours from one to five days (depending on climate, colour, and thickness of paint film). This is not for use as a varnish or final coating.
Atlantis Liquid Alkyd Painting Medium is similar to other liquid free flowing mediums in providing an easy to use additive to change the handling and behaviour of oil based paints. It is free flowing and will reduce the viscosity of a paint to remove brush strokes and give a smooth gloss finish. It is based on an Alkyd. These are simply natural oils that have been altered or improved by the action of an ALCOHOL and an ACID. Put the two words together…ALK+ID and the rest is history! The rest is also to the benefit of artists who use Atlantis Liquid Alkyd Painting Medium as a modern medium that while imparting the best attributes of traditional mediums, gives strength, gloss and a smooth finish to the paint as it dries.

Drying time: 1-5 days depending on climate, colours and film thickness


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