Pebeo XL Oils - Zinc White Imit.

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Available in 37ml and 200ml

Zinc White Imit.

We are delighted to add this range of fast drying oil paints to our selection, particularly as the superb prices will benefit anyone seeking value for money. XL Oils are a good quality, “resolutely modern” oil paints that have been specifically created to meet the needs of the contemporary artist. XL are an economical range of fast drying oil paints with a smooth consistency plus the added benefit of a broad range of 55 bright colours in 200ml tubes.

XL Fine Oil is suitable for a range of techniques from applying in thin glazes to working in thick layers as well as being usable in combination with oil mediums and auxiliary products. Because the colours are fast drying they are touch dry after 48 hours (with a 2mm thick application) and can be over painted after only 4 days (without the addition of drying agents). When used in conjunction with drying agents such as Siccative or Siccative Medium overpainting can be done in as little as three hours which is a major advantage for anyone with tight schedules or when working on a large scale.


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