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Liquitex - Ceramic Stucco - 237ml

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Liquitex - Ceramic Stucco - 237ml
Liquitex - Ceramic Stucco - 237ml
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Liquitex - Ceramic Stucco - 237ml
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  • Tiny hollow ceramic spheres add structure and texture to this 100% acrylic polymer gel
  • Dries to a light grey matte stucco finish
  • Highly flexible and adhesive
  • Will not chip or crack on canvas
  • Gives an opaque/semi-opaque appearance - the thicker you apply, the more opaque it becomes
  • Can be used on its own, mixed with color or overpainted once dry
  • Provides an excellent absorbent ground for acrylics, pastels and graphite - for glazing, washes and drawing on
  • Apply thickly to create bold 3D effects, or finely to give surface texture
  • Maintains colour adhesion, durability and archival quality

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