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Kremer - Fir/Pine Turpentine

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Kremer - Fir/Pine Turpentine
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Kremer - Fir Turpentine

Available in 1L and 3L

Standard thinner for oil colours and ingredient in hand-made oil paint mediums and varnishes.
Because the solvent has been distilled twice, it is free of resinous compounds – tending not to thicken or discolour. Double Rectified Turpentine evaporates slowly and evenly from paint films. It has a naturally greasy edge and mixes readily with oil colour. Slow evaporation secures even paint films. Turpentine will readily dissolve Dammar Resin and Beeswax (without heat) in the preparation of oil paint mediums. Best quality turpentine, with a fresh, flowery fragrance.

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