DR Graduate Acrylic


A low cost acrylic paint ideal for use by students, young artists, schools, workshops or at home. This range of acrylics comes from the makers of System 3, the best selling range of acrylics. Graduate acrylics provide artists, schools or anyone in craft a range of paints at a very low price but with good colour quality.  The colours are non toxic as they are water based and contain no solvents. They can be used on primed canvas, canvas boards, almost any paper as well as indoors or externally. The paint can be used as an under base for professionals who want a thick or solid surface laid down which they can paint over with more expensive paint, thus saving considerable financial outlay. Made in three sizes, a Litre pot*, a 500ml squeezable pot with a valve effect dispensing cap to reduce waste and a 120ml tube.

*Blacks and Whites only

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